How can we "Make Parking A Pleasure"

IETG Smart Parking Company specialized in consultation, design and delivery of automated parking systems (ACPS). Our environmentally friendly solutions allow you to park almost double the amount of cars in conventional parking garages, have low-energy consumption, safe and efficient handling and no carbon emissions. ACPS can solve many parking problems for citizens, developers and municipality in general.
Every auto parking project is a unique engineering challenge requiring careful planning in order to ensure its success. IETG provides a full suite of services for its clients.

Our services

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  • Consultation services
    Automated parking systems are a good solution for anyone who wants to provide parking in a small area. IETG offers consultation, advice, preparation of studies and projects, supply, installation and service of technology ACPS. IETG offers a range of different automated parking systems, including, FAMILY, SPEEDY, OPTIMA, BEST, SCISSOR LIFT parking, and much more. All systems are made according to EN 14010 standard.
    Auto parking system provides architects many benefits in projects. The availability and usage of land affects the feasibility and profitability of development projects
    For Urban Planning Parking Perspective
    When it comes to urban planning, few concepts can have such a broad positive impact on the process as auto parking systems. ACPS offer benefits for urban planning and design in areas including reducing traffic congestion, improving sustainability, preventing air pollution, increasing land values, complying with zoning codes, aiding redevelopment, etc. They also figure in to related urban planning disciplines such as environmental, historic preservation, community, cultural, housing and transportation. The key to get all the benefits of ACPS is considering it in the earliest design stage.
    For Architect Perspective
    Parking facilities design is challenging for the architect because the number of requirements has never been higher. BREEAM or LEED, sustainability, mixed use, community-friendly, building material limitations, zoning issues and local aesthetics are just a few elements of parking garage design today. Auto parking systems provide architects an alternative to conventional parking solutions ACPS can easily be long, tall and thin to fit in alleys or attached to a building wall. They can be irregularly shaped horizontally, vertically or both to fit inside existing structures or confined areas.., etc.
    For Developers Perspective
    Property and real estate developers are more considering of feasibility and profitability of the system. Following are eight ways ACPS benefit property development.
  • More Land to Use – For same number of parking spaces, ACPS require significantly less land area and volume than other parking options. This makes more land available for non-parking use.
  • Parking Optimized for Profitability – The design flexibility allows ACPS to turn areas otherwise unusable by conventional solutions into profitable parking such as inside, under or between existing buildings, narrow alleys and irregularly shaped spaces.
  • Capital Cost – The substantially smaller size and design flexibility of ACPS can significantly reduce car park development and overall capital costs.
  • Reduced O&M – ACPS have a distinct advantage requiring no or minimal lighting, ventilation, fire suppression, monitoring, clean up, staff and security measures for enclosed parking areas.
  • Sustainable Building – ACPS offer numerous advantages over conventional parking for achieving sustainable car park development goals: more green space and solar access, less CO2 emissions, excavation and storm water runoff and use of substantially more recycled and recyclable building materials.
  • Lower Risk & Liability – ACPS greatly reduce the risk of and liability associated with dents, scratches, other damage and vandalism to cars, theft of property from cars, car theft, robbery, arson, fire, …etc.
  • Faster Construction – ACPS are typically faster and easier to erect than larger monolithic concrete car parks. This leads to reduced construction costs, less interest during construction and a faster start of revenue generation.

  • Manufacturing
    With the only fully robotic factory at the auto parking industry in the world IETG with DY Menics are fully capable of producing up to 20,000 parking pallet / year in their

    Services and maintenance
    With experience of more than 30 years IETG provides fast, kind and professionalism services with high qualified teams
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